First Conference

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What information do I need to bring?

Information to bring for your initial consultation:In order to effeciently, and correctly, prepare your bankruptcy documents, you will need to provide us with a lot of very specific information. Please print the list at the link below and use it as a reference to assist you in gathering the necessary information and documents for your personal consultation. Also, please complete the Client Intake Form (available on this web site)before coming in. This will make your consultation even more effective. Please obtain a current credit report before coming in for your consultation. A recently enacted law entitles anyone to 1 FREE credit report per year from each of the national credit reporting agencies. Simply log onto for a free credit report. We have found a credit report to be helpful in the preparation of bankruptcy petitions and we strongly encourage you to get a current report.

So, what happens next

If, after your initial consultation with Lisa, you decide to retain this office to represent you, we will immediately go to work preparing all the necessary papers to file your case. Once the petition is ready, we will contact you to arrange for you to sign the papers. Once you have signed, Lisa will review the papers one last time, sign them and the case will be filed with the bankruptcy court. About a month later you will have to attend a mandatory meeting which Lisa will attend with you. At that meeting, the trustee assigned to administer your case is required to check photo ID and proof of social security number so be sure to have one of the following acceptable ID’s with you: driver’s license, passport, state ID card etc. Proof of social security number is social security card, W-2 form, or paycheck stub with name and social security number on it. About 60 days after your meeting (in most cases) the court will enter a discharge and your case will be over.

DriverΓÇÖs License
The following is a list of items needed to prepare a Chapter 13 which will allow you to get your driver’s license reinstated:

1. Driving abstract from the Department of Motor Vehicles;
2. A print out of your tickets from both the District Court and Municipal Court;
3. A credit report;
4. Information regarding any other debts;
5. Copies of your previous two years’ tax returns;
6. The last two month’s paystubs for you and your spouse.

Once your case is filed, you will be able to take a packet we prepare for you to the District and Municipal Courts and get ADJUDICATION SLIPS. These will allow you to get your driver’s license the same day provided there are no other requirments. If your tickets are from out of town courts, we will need to adjudicate your tickets with Olympia which takes about two weeks.