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Business bankruptcy

There are many benefits to filing a bankruptcy för your business corporation or limited liability company rather than simply closing the doors. Creditors of the business will be given what assets, if any, the business has and be sent on their way. Some state taxes such as Labor and Industries or Employment Security can be discharged without becoming a personal liability on the business owner.



Few people lose assets when filing a bankruptcy. Up to $125,000.00 equity in a home was protected until recently when the law changed to allow ALL equity up to the average sale price of a home within the county. That change protects $390,000.00 in equity at the time of this writing. Most assets are protected along with personal household items and vehicles. If you do not list an asset, it will not be protected. If you do not list a right to sue someone, you may forever be barred from bringing that lawsuit. Always disclose all of your assets. Lisa McBride will tell you what you can keep and what may require other options.


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